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Uganda "the pearl of Africa"  is the country with the highest number of ethnic tribes in the whole world but it has 4 major organized tribes which are: Buganda, Toro, Bunyoro and Busoga which all have different interesting cultural encounters like the way of cooking, food types and way of dressing which all this sum up into Uganda cultural tour package and our experts will always escort to these places to encounter such beautiful culture and most hospitable people during Uganda safari tours and Uganda cultural tours 

However, Uganda has other minor tribes but interesting ones not to miss while on Uganda cultural safari tour like the Ankole known for their long-horned cattle, the Karamojong who leave in the semi-arid parts of northern Uganda and Kenya who are also known for cattle keeping (Nomads) and the Bagisu who are known for their embalu ceremonies (male) circumcision and all this can be organized for you in one Uganda cultural tour packages.

Uganda is classified into several linguistic groups: the Bantu-speaking majority, who live in the central, southern and western parts of the country; and non-Bantu speakers who occupy the eastern, northern and northwestern portions of the country. The first category includes the large and historically highly centralized kingdom of Buganda, the smaller western Ugandan kingdoms of Banyoro, Nkore and Toro, and the Busoga states to the east of Buganda. The people in the second category include the Iteso, Langi, Acholi, Alur, Karamajong, Jie, Madi, and Lugbara in the north and a number of other smaller societies in the eastern part of the country. Learn more about these tribes during Uganda cultural safari tour with nungi safaris Uganda  

Bantu-speakers entered southern Uganda probably by the end of the first millennium A.D. and developed centralized kingdoms by the fifteenth or the sixteenth century. At independence, Bantu-language speakers made up approximately two-thirds of the population. Their languages are classified as Eastern Lacustrine and Western Lacustrine Bantu in reference to the populous region surrounding East Africa's Great Lakes (Victoria, Kyoga, Edward, and Albert in Uganda; Kivu and Tanganyika to the south). Eastern Lacustrine peoples include the Baganda (whose language is Luganda), the Basoga, the Bagisu, and many smaller societies in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.

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