12 Day Uganda Cultural tour

Day 1: Arrival in Uganda

Our guide from Nungi safaris Uganda will welcome you to the pearl of Africa for the Uganda safari tour; Uganda is gifted by nature. You are picked up from the airport by our professional guides and transferred to Lake Victoria View Guest House overnight. You will have the briefing about your tour depending on the arrival time

Day 2: Transfer to Masindi

After a nice breakfast, you embark on your Uganda safari tour journey to Masindi located in northwestern Uganda. Visit an orphanage where hand cupped children live. These children are taken care of by organizations, friends, and well-wishers from different countries. You will then have lunch and visit the prison for basket making and crafts on this day of your Uganda safari tour. You will visit a food and fruit market in the afternoon and retire to the lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 3: Experience with the Nyabyeya Dance Troop

After breakfast, you will drive to a small village called Nabyeya where you will interact with the local people during the Uganda safari tour. These people have a dance group playing their music using local instruments. The sound produced is so beautiful to the ear that you can’t resist joining the dance. You will also witness people emerging from the nearby villages with a desire to shake your hands. We will have lunch at this place courtesy of the Nurse of Nyabyeya Forestry College. Next, you will drive to Murchison Falls National Park that lies at the northern end of the Albertine Rift Valley, where the sweeping Bunyoro escarpment tumbles into vast, palm-dotted savanna. You will go check-in at the lodge for dinner and overnight stay for your Uganda safari tour journey inside Africa. CLICK HERE TO BOOK WITH US THIS UGANDA SAFARI TOUR 

Day 4: Morning Uganda wildlife safari Game Drive, Afternoon Visit the Top of the Murchison fall

Have an early breakfast and prepare to cross the ferry for a morning game drive with your guide who will help you spot the plethora of wildlife found in the national park during the Uganda safari tour. You will be able to spot a lot of African animal wildlife like elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, lions, leopards, different species of antelope, and many tropical birds. You will drive back to the camp for lunch and relaxation.
After lunch, you will take a boat trip to the waterfall. On your way to the waterfall, you can hike for 45 minutes to visit the top of the falls. This is an experience that brings all the senses into play during the Uganda safari tour in the Murchison falls national park. You watch waves of white water tumble hypnotically through this six-meter chasm, listen to the roar, taste the spray on your face and feel the rock shake beneath your feet. Later in the evening, you will be driven back to the camp for overnight & dinner

Day 5: Morning Game Drive & Transfer to Northern parts of the national park  

Have your packed breakfast and prepare to cross the Victoria Nile for a morning Uganda safari game drive to spot different species of animals. You will proceed with a morning game drive and your guide will help you spot the plethora of wildlife found in the national park. You will be able to spot a lot of African animal wildlife like elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, lions, leopards, and different species of antelope. All these animals live there. After lunch, we drive to Lira. This is a journey that will take no less than 4 hours. Here we shall visit local food markets, crafts shops, and family friends. Experience Uganda life with people from the war conflict survivors guided by a friend. She will give you a presentation about the Upendo organization and how people benefit from it through craft making.

Day 6: Uganda Cultural Experience 

Here you have an opportunity to share your experience with war conflict survivors from Northern Uganda after visiting the Barlonyo massacre that happened in 2002. Enjoy the traditional dance group with local lunch. You can also make a basket or mat for yourself before saying goodbye to Ugandan friends. Drive back to the hotel after the function for relaxation.

Day 7: Transfer to Sipi Falls

We drive towards Sipi above Soroti and Kumi, looking gradually over Mount Elgon (4300m) on this Uganda safari tour. By early afternoon, before we reach Mbale, we will drive up the mountain road and get a good impression of the plateaus. We are housed in the exciting Lacam lodge with a fabulous view. In the afternoon we can relax and have time to enjoy a drink and the view of the sunset. You will sleep at Lacam Lodge for 2 nights.

Day 8: Hiking to the Water Fall, Drive to Mbale

After your relaxed morning, we gather together to start our Uganda hiking tour during our Uganda safari tour. You can choose between a short or longer route to the waterfall through fruit plantations and villages. One waterfall is perfect for taking a quick shower and you can even enjoy a cold swim. A hike for seven hours takes us to five waterfalls, a cave, and the most beautiful scenery passing through plenty of villages and fruit and coffee plantations. Whichever hike we choose today will be a beautiful day in paradise. Visitors will have a coffee-making experience in the small village and also have lunch here. You can drive to Mbale after lunch overnight and have dinner.CLICK HERE TO BOOK WITH US THIS UGANDA SAFARI TOUR

Day 9: Drive to Jinja and take the Boat to the Source of the Nile

After a relaxed breakfast, you will drive to Jinja. This Uganda safari tour journey takes about five hours and you can have lunch in that town. You will visit craft shops which are adjacent to the restaurant on the main street. After lunch, you will check in at your accommodation and take a boat trip to the source of the Nile. You will have dinner in one of the best restaurants called 2 friends. It is within walking distance from the guest house. Here, you can relax at the pool.

Day 10: Drive Back to Kampala, Take a City Tour

After breakfast, we will drive from Jinja to Kampala. We shall have a city tour to visit the local food and crafts markets, Kasubi tombs where they bury the kings from the Buganda kingdom. You will hear good stories about the monarchies in Uganda, the kingship, and Gaddafi Mosque. You will have lunch in Kampala.

Day 11: Drive to the Equator for the Water Experience

We start our tour to the equator and at this point, there are two cement circles marking the equator line. IKt is worth stopping for a photo moment if you are travelling to Masaka or Kampala. You will also watch a demonstration by local entrepreneurs on how water swirls in opposite directions in the Northern & Southern hemispheres at the equator line. Another reason that makes the equator worthwhile stop is the great shopping bargains. The point has several craft shops and art galleries run by individuals and organizations. These craft stalls sell souvenirs and handmade products while some have people speaking about the Equator. It will not be inconvenient if you bought a T-shirt with the words ‘I crossed the Uganda Equator. Continue with your journey, and head back to Kampala.

Day 12: Kampala City Tour

You will have a great experience of Kampala and here you can visit the Uganda Museum, Gaddafi Mosque (optional), or the Kasubi tombs. Thereafter you will transfer to the airport for your flight.

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