4 Days Kagulu Hike and Sezibwa

The 3 Days encounter allows you to explore the ancient Kingdom of Buganda with its magical cultural sites like the Kabaka’s Lake, the Kasubi Tombs, the Kabaka’s Palace, Naggalabi Coronation Site and the Wamala tombs along the Sezibwa falls, the national heritage and cultural sites like the Uganda National Museum not forgetting the magical Kagulu hill in Busoga.

Day 1: Kampala tour

After breakfast, you will embark on Uganda cultural safari photo tour within Kampala city. You explore the cultural sites of the Buganda Kingdom which is one of the last surviving intact and large Kingdoms in Africa. This Uganda cultural photo safari tour also exposes heritage sites of national significance during the Uganda safari tour expedition. You explore the Kasubi tomb which is a world heritage site and a burial ground for the Kings of Buganda. At the moment, there are four Kings laid to rest at the site. You proceed to tour the King's Palace at Lubiri which is the main seat of the Kingdom of Buganda. You explore the ancient fire that has never stopped burning unless the King is dead.

You can take a walk along the fascinating Royal mile and connect to Bulange Parliament the traditional centre for Lukiiko that demonstrates that Buganda already had an established Parliament even before the coming of Europeans. This Uganda cultural photo safari tour will proceed to the Kabaka’s lake which is a manmade lake that was dug by the King Mwanga of Buganda in pre-colonial Uganda during the Uganda safari tour. It is a magical experience.  In the afternoon after lunch, you will tour the Uganda National Museum which features historical, cultural geological and a range of other artefacts of Uganda and the day is crowned by the tour to the craft centres along Buganda road, the Nomo gallery and the National Theater to explore various art crafts made or sold in Uganda. You will head back to the hotel for dinner and overnight but also if you are not so tired, you can catch up on the Ugandan comedy at theatre labonita and national theatre during your stay for the Uganda safari tour 

Day 2: Naggalabi Coronation Site & Wamala Tombs in Wakiso district

After the morning breakfast, you will drive to the Naggalabi coronation site which is in Buddo for yet another day to explore more during your Uganda safari tour. You explore the coronation site of the Kings of Buganda attending to a themed interpretation from a local guide on how Naggalabi became to be the coronation site and the significance of various houses, the sites, physical features among other aspects at the site to the Kingdom of Buganda and their role in the coronation process. You will explore the mound where Kintu killed Bemba from, the Buganda house where the King spends some days after the coronation, the Gusinze tree which is noted to be over 200 years old and a re-known court in traditional Buganda among other aspects. You retreat from Naggalabi before lunch and drive to Wamala for a Uganda safari tour to the Wamala tombs where you explore the ancient tomb of Ssekabaka Ssuna of Buganda who is noted to have had 148 wives and produced 218 children, He is the last Buganda King to have had a jaw bone which is believed to contain his spirit placed in the royal shrine and taken care by his descendants. After the Wamala tour, you will drive back to your hotel for relaxation, dinner and overnight stay at the hotel

Day 3: Kagulu hill and the Nile

After the morning breakfast, you will proceed with your Uganda safari tour to hike the Kagulu in Buyende past Jinja to encounter the culture of the Basoga. The protruding rock is noted to be the place where Namutukula is believed to have landed upon arrival.  At the site, there are other smaller hills that are believed to be the wives of Kagulu including Mawaale, Kagwese, Mpanga, Nakyeere, Butadewo and Bukolimo. In the north of the hill, there lies a traditional shrine of an ageing oracle named Mandwa Kagulu Nabiryo who is noted to be haunted by 45 spirits that own and patrol the Kagulu hill. It is a magical site for culture and at the same time for adventure and sightseeing. After the hike, you will have lunch and then drive to Jinja and visit the source of the Nile which is the longest river in the world. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Jinja town where you will also have a chance to experience the Jinja night light life in the clubs and bars.

Day 4: Transfer to Kampala and sezibwa

After the morning breakfast, you will embark on your journey back to Kampala but before reaching Kampala you will explore the Sezibwa Falls along the way another cultural site of Buganda which is noted to have been born by a woman and the Kings of Buganda tend to go there for worship and cleansing. It is a significant cultural site in Buganda so you cannot miss it out on your cultural itinerary

After the falls, you will hit the road and go back to your hotel or drive to the airport depending on the time of your flight

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