Route 2 of Hiking the Rwenzori

Day 1: Drive from Kampala to Kasese

Day 2: Rwigho Camp 3300 M ASL

After breakfast, drive for 1 hrs as from Kasese town to Okorukumi/ Kasanga and start your hike to reach RMNP / Kasanga Gate to for registration at the Park Ranger outpost. Here after, take on the trail which bends west on the ridge overlooking the Kasuka and Isule valleys and onward to Kebitakuli for a hot lunch while taking a breath and thereafter, hike through the montane rain forest overlooking bamboo forested valleys. Encounter plant species like the Disa stairssi, Scadoxus cyrtanthiflorus, Impetiens apiculata and spot or hear calls of black and white Colobus monkeys, The Rwenzori Turaco and other birds. On trial you will spot chimpanzee nests and droppings or hear their calls. The trail will lead you through the heather zone and reach Rwigho Camp for an overnight rest immediately after crossing River Rwigho. It will take you only 6-7 hours.

Day 3: Kambeho 3700M ASL

After breakfast, the trail takes you through the heather trees (Ericathiasis) with lots of moss hanging over these trees. The is the heather zone with a lots of heather trees, scencio trees, alchemila, black berries, and many more plant species. While on trial you will be able to spot black and white Colobus monkeys, Vervet monkeys, sun birds, the Rwenzori Turaco a rare beautiful bird in the park. On this day you will see lots of giant lobelias, everlasting flowers and rock shelters. This hike will take you 5 – 6 hrs with a stopover for a hot lunch at Mitiyighaghire. Overnight at Kambeho Camp

Day 4: Mughuli Camp3877M ASL

After breakfast, start with a climb along river Lhume, in the early morning hours of the day when still fresh and strong with urge to climb the only steep Mughuli bypass. As you think of slopping down to Lake Mughuli which is within MTN network coverage to give you a chance to call friends and family members about the beauty and experience encountered on the trail. There are several short peaks which one can easily climb depending upon what time you have arrived in the camp and how you feel. The vegetation along the Lake is so beautiful to catch up your eyes. Animals you might see along the trail are the Rwenzori red-duiker, rock and tree hyrax and wild pigs. Around the camp, you can have a self-guided walk to explore the water falls. The approximate time taken from Kambeho to Mughuli Camp is about 6-7hrs hike with a stopover for a hot lunch at Mulhalhama resting view point.

Day 5: Lake Bukurungu Camp 4291M ASL

This camp is set in the heart of the two mountains of the Portal Peaks and Mount Gessi; it is a relaxing point to acclimatize for those interested in climbing the Portal Peaks and Mount Gessi. Five hours from Mughuli camp takes you through a very gentle crossing passing the vegetation of the alchemila, several giant lobelia species and the wonderful and unknown leaf looking like human palm. From Mughuli Camp to Bukurungu Camp will take you 6 – 7hrs with a stopover for a hot lunch at Kinyamiyeye. On this day if the weather is clear, your eyes and hands on the camera will have all the main peaks of Edward on Mount Baker, Margherita and Alexandra on Mount Stanley, Vittorio Emanuela on Mount Speke, Kihuma on the Portal Peaks and Mount Gessi at glance.

Day 6: Bukurungu to Irine 4,500m asl

Descend to lower Bigo bog following the stream joining river Bujuku and with scenic views of the tossoks, rise up after a snack at Bigo and join the upper Bigo Bog. Continue going up to reach the Bujuku Lake and pass on to set your camp at Irene lakes.

Day 7: Irine lakes to Margherita 5,109m as and back to Bigo

An early start to catch the morning sun on glaciers. The guide should prepare you for crowning your trip the by reaching Margherita peak, soon as you are done, meet your cook at Irine for hot lunch and join your porters at Bigo.
Day 8: Bigo to Mahoma Lake

Clients like this route because of it scenic views and accessibility. It has lots of nature walking and still virgin, not yet exploited. Lodging in Kasese hotel of your choice

Day 9: Drive back to Kampala


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