Route 4 of Rwenzori Hiking

Day 1: Drive to Kasese

Day 2: Kyanjuki Base Camp – Sine Hut

Steady walk with a steep climb for the last kilometer. Start at Kyanjuki 1,450 meters and sleep at Sine Hut at 2,596 meters being a height gain of 1,146 meters.It is best to start by 9 am but can leave as late as 11am. You walk 2.2km to the UWA rangers post at 1,727 meters, which takes about one hour. Here you pay the gate entrance fee and the rangers brief you on the rules of the National Park.

Day 3: Sine Hut – Mutinda Camp

After a good breakfast, trekking starts at 8.30am and you soon enter the Bamboo-Mimulopsis Zone which is steep climb with many high steps. In the wet season the bamboo area is rather muddy and slippery making the going slow to Kalalama Camp at 3,147 meters which is in the Heather-Rapanea Zone where you can take a rest and a quick cup of tea or coffee before heading on to Mutinda Camp for a night.

Day 4: Mutinda Camp – Bugata Camp

Starting at 3,688 meters climbing to 4,062 meters. The trail here is boggy particularly in the wet season but with a little skill you can step from tussock to tussock to make the going easier.  The Namusangi Valley is wide, with many ups and downs and crossing several bogs as the trail climbs steadily to Bugata Camp for a night at 4,062 meters.It is 4.9KM walk

Day 5: Bugata Camp – Butawu Camp

It is a 6.2km walk starting at 4,062 meters climbing over 4,450 meters sleeping at 3,974 meters. Commence trekking at 8.30am to climb up Bamwanjara Pass, the trail climbs steadily with several long flat bogs. Butawu Camp (3,974m) is set on a ridge high above Butawu River which flows down from Scott Elliott Pass through Kitandara Lakes.

Day 6: Butawu Camp – Margherita Camp

It is a 4.2km walk starting at 3.974 meters climbing to 4.485 meters. The walk up Scott Elliott Pass is enjoyable as you climb through the pass and up the ridge of Mt Stanley to Margherita Camp at 4,485 meters which is below Elena Hut. From here you have great views of Mt Baker, Scott Elliot Pass and some of the high glaciers on Mt Stanley.

Day 7: Margherita Camp – Margherita peak and back to Butawu camp

Day starts at 4,485 meters climbs to Margherita Peak at 5,109 meters return to Margherita Camp then descend to Butawu Camp at 3,974 meters to sleep. Distance 3.5km to the peak then 3.5km return to Margherita Camp plus 4.2km down to Butawu Camp.Total distance 11.2km.After summiting you then descend directly to Butawu Camp or in the case of bad weather, you may need to stay in Margherita Camp however the following day it will be necessary to bypass Butawu Camp directly to Bugata Camp.

Day 8: Butawu camp- Bugata camp

It is a 6.2km starting at 3,974 meters climbing over 4,450 meters and sleeping at Bugata Camp 4,062 meters.

Day 9: Bugata camp-either Kiharo camp or Samalira camp

Descend to either Kiharo Camp 3,460 meters or Samalira Camp 3,170 meters. As you descend down the upper areas of the Nyamwamba Valley there is a large area of thick Giant Groundsel with dense evergreen undergrowth and moss with the rocky peaks towering above. At night the air is filled with the calls of the rock hyrax as they sit in the rocky cliffs high above.

Note: - As it is necessary to skip one of the camps you may either stay in Kiharo and enjoy the lush vegetation and rocky cliffs or may descend to Samalira Camp at 3,170 meters making a shorter trek down to base camp the following day.

Day 10: Kiharo camp or Samalira camp - Kyanjuki Base Camp

Assuming that you slept in Kiharo Camp, you wake up to the shrill calls of the Ruwenzori Turaco (Ruwenzorornis Johnston) and other birds. After a hearty breakfast you walk down the valley which is home to many species of birds who dive in and out the thick vegetation.. After descending a few kilometers you climb two hundred metres height to a ridge overlooking

Day 11: Drive back to Kampala

However the following equipment’s can be hired separately but in most cases people prefer bringing theirs of which they use them elsewhere! As it's highly recommended

Climbing equipment
- 1 Pair, Snow glasses
- Sunscreen
- First aid kit
- Rubber boots (for boggy areas)
- Ice axe

- Guitars

- Crampons

- Harnesses

- Climbing rope

- Helmet

Body and Chest
• 2 Thermal vests and thermal leggings (polypropylene or capilene)
• 1 Fleece pullover (like soft polaretec 100g or 200g, or similar)
• 1 Fleece jacket or alike
• 1 Rainproof or windproof jacket with hood (such as Gore‐Tex)
• Kickable T‐shirts or shirts (not cotton)
• 1 Buff or similar

** Highly suggest getting a prescription for an Albuterol Inhaler to
bring along on the trip in case of any breathing difficulties as well
as Ciproxin which is a safe medication for travel diarrhea and can be
used as a general antibiotic.

Feet and Legs
• 1 Pair of comfortable hiking boots


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